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Designer Wedding Cakes

A magical day which captures your style and personality depends on finding the right professionals to create your beautiful day. If you are planning your wedding or special occasion in and around London you have arrived at the right location. We can supply you most beautiful and delicious wedding cakes, Photo Cakes and cakes for any special occasion.
Also we can provide flower arrangements for any occasion including your dream wedding.

The wedding cake involves as much planning and co-ordination as any other aspect of that important day.
Bride and groom's wedding thoughts can be transformed into a celebration cake that everyone will admire.

Your Wedding cake....
As the centrepiece of your wedding, we understand the importance of your wedding cake. This is why we pay attention to every aspect of the cake including the colour scheme and the theme of the wedding.

Each cake is finished to exceptionally high standards paying attention to smoothness and the minute details of the decoration. Our sugar crafted flowers are made to perfection so that it looks so natural.

Our dark rich fruit cakes are made according to a traditional recipe using only the finest ingredients. You may request a sample before you commit to the order. We personally guarantee your satisfaction. We can also make sponge/butter cakes made using the finest quality ingredients.

Our wedding package concept covers all aspects of your wedding including floral arrangements, wedding cakes, chair covers, photography, Video filming ,Thank you cards, wedding website creation and many more... Contact us for more information.

We can make your dream wedding come true..."


Did you know?

*Wedding Cake: In the past, the groom's cake was actually called the wedding cake, and what we now think of as the wedding cake was reoffered to as the bride's cake. Over time, the terminology was reversed, but the superstition surrounding he groom's cake was not lost. According to an old myth, if a single women sleeps with a piece of groom's cake under her pillow, she will dream of the man that she will marry.  The first groom's cake were reserved for guest to take home as a memento of the wedding. For this reason they were usually made of dark, heavy fruitcake since it is durable and lasts for a long period of time. 

*SUIceFlora does not look at your wedding as 'just another wedding', we work with you continuously sharing our experience in the field to make your wedding day atmosphere a special one that you will remember for ever..

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